Buying Guide - 10 Best Bikes for College Students in 2020

Using a bike is a great way to move faster. It helps to do distances three of five times quickly. Also, you can use a bike on lanes, footpaths, and roads.

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike

It is a combination of a reasonable price, lightweight, and reliable design. The fixed gear avoids a lot of moving parts that will guarantee you excellent work for years. Also, it has a catchy green color that will help you to find it on bike parking.
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GMC Denali 700c

This one is a well-made bike for professional riders. It has a sporty design and a lot of features that will help you to run lightning-fast. The main features are 21 speeds and aluminum frame.
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Raleigh Bikes Venture

Consider purchasing this bike if you need a comfortable cycle to do short distances. This model has a seat with springs that make riding more comfortable. It will be a perfect choice for girls.

Pure Fix Original

Are you looking for a fast bike with a stylish design? It has a robust frame, lightweight, and thin wheels. Also, this cycle has an attractive black matte color.

Critical Cycles Harper Coaster

This bike with fixed gear is a proper solution for everyone who is looking for a combination of a minimalist style and exceptional ease. It is an excellent choice if you’re always in a rush. In case you don’t have time to do your homework, consider using the website. However, do not forget to check if scam before placing an order.

Schwinn Wayfarer

It is a 7-speed bicycle that has an easy-to-use design and bright yellow color. Due to the changeable gear, you can make riding easy and effortless or ride fast. Also, there is a protection panel over the bicycle chain.

Vilano R2

Do you have a vast experience in riding a bicycle? If so, this bike is for you. This model has a lightweight aluminum frame and 21 speeds to do long distances quickly.
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Thruster 700C Urban

This one is a stylish bike with a reliable design. It has high-quality breaks that work well in every weather condition.
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Schwinn Folding Bike

Don’t have much space in a dorm to store your bike? This foldable model will be a great choice. Despite the collapsible design, this bike is suitable for adults.

State Bicycle 4130

This bike with a fixed gear and bullhorn handles will bring you the ability to do a ride from one place to another very fast. Moreover, it has a black&white color with red and blue stripes.

Last Suggestion

There are a lot of bicycle models on the market. Therefore, try to allocate primary needs before purchasing a bike. After this, buy a bicycle that matches your requirements.

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