We are the originator and creator of doctor recommended 2-padded bicycle seats. Hobson Associates Inc. is the maker of the Original Easyseat, Easyseat II and Pro-Hub X2. We engineer and style bike seats for your health and pleasure.Our ultimate goal is to provide a true pain free ride to all bicycle riders. Since 1982 Hobson Saddles has been the pioneer in manufacturing nose-less and unconventional bike seats. Our only concern is the comfort, health and safety of all cyclists.

Almost every cyclist has felt pain and discomfort due to bad saddle shape & design. Our seats have been scientifically proven to eliminate all pressure from the perineum region of the rider's body. Over the years we have many urologist recommendations and scores of medical literature in order to inform the rider that there are other options, rather than to give up cycling due to cycling related pains and prostate and vaginal complications.

Our line-up of seats offers every rider the best riding support from the upright-commuter, to the more serious road-biker. Hobson seats are unisex and adjustable for a custom fit. Try our Hobson line-up of saddles and feel the difference for yourself.

All of our healthy bicycle seats have a 90 Days Warranty included!

The Original Easyseat has adjustable (width) pads that move independently while pedaling for superior comfort. Since 1982 – over 650,000 sold and counting. Although this is our oldest model, the medical benefits it provides you, the rider, is just the same as any one of our higher end products. Simply put, this seat will eliminate all pressure and cycling related pains by placing the riders weight only on his/her sit bones. This is a true unisex bike seat.


A truly revolutionary design, the NEW Easyseat II has a new thumbwheel and screw in the center of the two seat pads allowing for simultaneous, uncomplicated and accurate width adjustments of the seat pads for custom fitting. The base, with longer rails, is made of nylon and glass. To add to the stability of the ride the seat pads are a bit wider; in addition to having elastomers or rubber plugs in each pad to keep the seat pad firm against your leg on each down-stroke. This seat has more padding when compared to the Original Easyseat and the tips are more supple for comfort in various riding positions.
With the new thumbwheel and screw, the NEW Pro-Hub X2 is a superior designed saddle for on and off road cycling. The seat offers the rider the most “lateral balance and control” while on the bike – This is something that no other nose-less saddle can offer you! Light-weight and durable this seat has no protruding nose, but allows for the rider to be able to control the lateral movement of the bike, unlike most other nose-less saddles. This enables the rider to ride in a semi-erect position while eliminating all pressure from his/her perineum region.
“I was not able to tolerate riding for more than a few minutes after having colon surgery. We tried a number of variations of design and padding but with no success. Yesterday I tried the Easyseat and other than being badly out of condition, I did very well. Thank you very much.”
- Marvin B. Hayes, M.D.
“Thanks so much for the pre-production samples of the new Hobson Seat that you sent three months ago. My bike riding patients have been testing the seat and the results are most satisfactory. The pressure is completely off the perineal area. So ingenious to take away the center horn. The seats seemed a little stiff at first but once broken in everyone, including some of my staff, are anxious for another ride.”
- Andreas Jungwirth, M.D.
“Your Easyseat saved our trip! Last July my wife, Jan, and I flew to Great Britain to ride the classic Lands’ End to John-O-Groats cross-country tour (about 1500 miles). My wife was suffering from a badly bruised tailbone. Our friend suggested taking two saddles for the long ride, a Terry soft-nose and an Easyseat. Seven days from Lands’ End the trip almost ended. Jan was experiencing extreme pain and could only manage 20 miles per day instead of the usual 60. I put the Easyseat on Jan’s mountain bike and after a trial run, she decided that the seat would work just fine. We toured extensively in the mountains of the Lake District, the Outer Hebrides and Scottish Highlands. Each day Jan’s tailbone felt better and in two weeks she stopped taking medication. We heartily endorse your Easyseat, it saved our trip.”
- Al Morrison of Pasadena, CA
“This short note is to thank you and Hobson Associates for bringing the Easyseat into being. It has restored me to bike riding. Two years ago, I gave up the bike after finding six different conventional seats too painful, for a seventy yr. old. Then, I purchased an Easyseat and found instant comfort. A great product deserves a good word.”
- Norbert Reicher, M.D.
  • Many cyclists require changing the original saddle he or she gets with the purchase of a new bike.
  • Most saddle manufacturers and designers are concerned with aesthetic and weight factors, not the safety and comfort of the rider.
  • Cut out saddles (with a hole in the middle) do not necessarily decrease pain and pressure on the perineum region.
  • Only by placing the riders weight on “sit-bones” can the issue of pain relief and numbness be successfully eradicated.
  • It is best to have a soft (comfort) saddle if you’re a short distance rider, and a firmer saddle if you’re a long distance rider.
  • All Hobson saddles offer the rider a custom fit, no matter how wide the individuals sit-bones.
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